Saturday, October 2, 2010

My Spring Project

We have a small suburban plot in Sydney. I've slowly planted out the small courtyard we have out the back with pots and converting the small beds we have.  But the biggest canvass was out the front.  I didn't want to take it on until I had some permaculture knowledge under my belt.  So I read a lot, did the intro course and then asked a permaculture designer friend to help out.  So here are the photos from the afternoon we spent in the garden, looking at the observations I'd collected, discussing positions and microclimates before we finally came up with a plan.  The only downside was that my friend Cameron insisted that the best design would be achieved by moving the two raised garden beds (of course he was proved to be right, but the idea of the manual labour involved was a little daunting).  We already had the chicken run in as well, so we worked around that.

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