Sunday, October 3, 2010

Lessons from a rasberry

I was so enthusiastic about getting my garden producing as soon as I could, that if I found a plant I would research the conditions it liked and plant it.  Whilst this is part of the trick, the most important lesson from the garden is, of course, patience.  And given my nickname, clearly the lesson I need.  Here is a fine example.  I found some rasberry plants, and given I love rasberries, planted them.  What I ignored, or hoped would go away, was the fact that it was late autumn and clearly not the time for planting rasberries.  Here's what happened

The leaves all eventually went yellow, shrivelled and fell off (I later learned they were deciduous).  Then to my surprise, now that spring has sprung, a little green leaf appeared on each of them, so I loaded up the chicken poo compost, mulched and watered and here's where we are today.  No doubt they will become towering giants in the months to come.

So I got lucky that planting too early didn't kill them altogether.


  1. Hi,

    Your garden is looking great, you've managed to pack a lot in!

    On the raspberries, they're deciduous :-) You'll also find that old canes will die off after fruiting, but new ones will sprout to replace them.

  2. Thanks Geoff! The canes about almost six foot now and new ones are growing up nearby. I'm going to have to learn how to prune them nicely as well